Pure Silver “Walking Liberty” Cuff

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Handmade from a .999 Pure Silver Walking Liberty Design Collectors Round.



These cuffs are somewhat adjustable but be sure to know what size you need to begin with from a Women’s Small all the way through a men’s large available. If you are not sure what size you would need send me a message and we will discuss sizes before you make a decision. 


Handmade in the U.S.A. 


For a perfect fit, once you receive your cuff put it on your arm where you like to wear it. Next, lightly bend it to fit your wrist, don’t make it too tight or over bend it.  You should be able to take it on and off without bending it every time. Make it snug enough to where it cannot come off by itself but not so tight you have to bend it every time. These are pure silver, they have been work hardened but are still very malleable. The cuffs are designed to not break easily because they are soft silver they can handle bending gently. However, If you over bend or bend back and forth too often they will break!