Grim Reaper, Pale Horse of Death 4 Horseman Ring

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1 OZ. Fine silver Grim Reaper Ring! This is handmade from a a .999 1 oz. silver collector round. 


“Behold a pale horse. And the man that sat upon him was death...and hell followed with him”.  Revelations 6:8



^^^These can be made size 8-17


^^^These are big, heavy, bulky rings. 


Custom fit and finished for comfortability!!



^^Hand Made In The USA^^


^^^please allow 1-3 weeks for me to hand make and ship out!!!


Pale horse (Bible), in the Book of Revelation, a horse ridden by Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


Grim Reaper 


Death, due to its prominent place in human culture, is frequently imagined as a personified force, also known as the Grim Reaper. In some mythologies, the Grim Reaper causes the victim's death by coming to collect them. In turn, people in some stories try to hold on to life by avoiding Death's visit, or by fending Death off with bribery or tricks. Other beliefs hold that the Spectre of Death is only a psychopomp, serving to sever the last ties between the soul and the body, and to guide the deceased to the afterlife, without having any control over when or how the victim dies. Death is most often personified in male form, although in certain cultures Death is perceived as female (for instance, Marzanna in Slavic mythology, or La Catrina in Mexico).