Buddha Jayanthi Ceylon Sri Lanka 5 Rupee Coin Ring/ wedding gift, anniversary gift,beautifully detailed Indian Coin Ring,

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This sterling silver coin ring features a parade of bulls, lions, horses, and elephants. Above them is a flock of geese with lotus flowers hanging from their beaks.

The Buddha Jayanthi Coin Ring is handmade from a 5 Rupee Ceylon coin that was issued in 1957 celebrating the 2500th Anniversary of Buddhism. Ceylon is known today as Sri Lanka. Buddha Jayanthi means “Buddha’s Birthday”.

This 5 Rupee coin is acknowledged by many as the most beautiful and elegant crown-sized coins ever made. Over half of the original mintage of these coins was returned to the mint to be melted down in 1962 because the silver content was more valuable than the actual face value of the coin. There is less than 250,000 of these coins left in the world!

Note these rings look different in a small size such as an 8 than in a large size 12-16!! The smaller they are made the thicker and wider they become. The bigger they are the thinner they get.

Each ring is handcrafted after the order is placed!

Please allow 3-4 weeks for me to process your order, hand make your ring, and ship out!

Made in the U.S.A.
Bolivia, NC