Silver Walking Liberty Wedding Band Set 1916-1947

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Two Silver Walking Liberty Halves made into a special set of rings. These are one of the most beautifully detailed coins ever made. 

Only available 1916-1947  

1916-1947 excluding 1922, '24, '25, '26, '30, '31 and 1932. 


^^^These Sets come with random dates!!

Each one is handcrafted from a genuine 90% Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin.

The Walking Liberty Coin Ring comes with the date side out. If you would like the date on the inside, please let me know.

Please let me know what two sizes you need at checkout!!!

The year you receive will be at random. The two coins you receive will look almost identical except for the date displayed on the coin. If you would like a certain year or a matching set with the same year on both please contact me, pricing may vary.


^^^please allow 1-3 weeks for me to hand make and ship out!!!