Guardian Bells

These are handmade by forming a bell top from one coin and the bell bottom from another coin that is punched and made into a conical ring shape. I form the bell with two coins and then solder them together. Once all sides are straight and sanded smooth, I then take the punch out from the bottom coin and dangle it inside as the clapper. Once formed and soldered I then sand and clean up, add the antique finish, and then give them a wax and final polish. A lot of time goes into each one of these unique handmade guardian bells!

I also sell a lot of these around Christmas time as Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Guardian AKA Gremlin bells are many times given as a gift to a fellow motorcycle rider or loved one that has a passion for riding. “legend has it that evil spirits have been casting their evil juju onto motorcycles and riders for as long as man has been riding motor bikes. The spirits are the cause of mechanical failures and bad fortune on a long ride or so they say! Some say the “Gremlin Bell” is a supernatural protector against evil spirits on the roads that are looking for more bikers to claim, but others say it’s simply a tradition of kindness and brotherhood between riders and good friends or family. Take it for what you will but either way the “Gremlin Bell” or “Guardian Bell” is a unique tradition and legend amongst the biker community. This doesn’t just go for Harleys even though they are the largest group and most common to be seen with guardian bells, The other bike styles also wear their bells with pride! Get your custom bell made with Captains Quarters, you won’t regret it!